CDs and DVDs

You can order recordings of lectures given by John Patrick and others through the Augustine College website.

Content is available on CD and DVD. There is no charge but Augustine College would like their financial support to produce more recordings, so donations are welcomed. To order lectures visit the Augustine College website and use the order form.

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Here are the titles that are available (listing details: Title - Speaker(s), Duration, Media Type). 

Augustine College Faculty Lectures 

Culture and Development - John Patrick, 45:22, CD

Darwin’s Influence on Medicine Today - John Patrick, 70:08, CD

The Driven Life without Purpose - John Patrick, 60:55, CD

Everyone Inhabits a Story - John Patrick, 61:11, CD

The Four Levels of Happiness - John Patrick, 55:22, CD

How Did We Get Here? - John Patrick, 58:47, CD 

Meaning and Purpose in Medicine - John Patrick, 55:40, CD 

The Myth of Moral Neutrality - John Patrick, 55:40, CD 

Secularism Is Belief Too - John Patrick, 69:15, CD 

The Sermon on the Mount - John Patrick, 107:34, 2 CD 

Pursuing Justice and Community: Hope for the Unborn* - John Patrick, 63:31, CD 

The Truth that Hippocrates Knew - John Patrick, 43:45, CD 

Why Development Doesn’t Work - John Patrick, 58:32, CD

Why There are No Hittites on the Streets of New York - John Patrick, 54:14, CD

The Ethics of the New Testament - Edward Tingley, 90:57, CD

Is Home-schooling Enough? - Edward Tingley, 53:00, CD

Is It Valued Or Is It Good? - Edward Tingley, 41:48, DVD

Nietzsche's Verdict on Enlightenment Ethics - Edward Tingley, 105:27, 2 CD

Recognizing Postmodernism - Edward Tingley, 87:06, DVD

Thinking about Rights of Conscience - Edward Tingley, 51:21, DVD

Why Did the Ancients Have No Word for Values? - Edward Tingley, 146:10, 2 CD

MP3 Compilation CD - John Patrick & Edward Tingley 

*also known as Talking About Abortion In The Public Square Without Causing A Riot 

Augustine College Guest Speakers

The Sound of Hope - Jeremy Begbie, 208:43, 2 DVD

The Pre-Modern Conscience in a Postmodern World - J. Budziszewski, 75:34, CD

Between Opinion and a Reasoned Faith: The Bible and Academic Freedom - David L. Jeffrey, 107:23, DVD

The Relationship between Science and Faith - David Livingstone, 73:13, CD

Augustine College Summer Conferences

The Graeco-Roman Period (2010), MP3 CD 

Today’s World: Science, Medicine & Culture in an Age without Moral Consensus (2009), MP3 CD

The Strange History of the Word Fact (2006), MP3 CD

The Middle Ages (2003), MP3 CD

The Graeco-Roman Period (2002), MP3 CD